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At BeCode, our mission is to grow today's talented youth & professionals into tomorrow's best developers.

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Why BeCode?

A school to address the skills gap in an inclusive way

Opportunities and talent currently remain untapped due to a skills gap: the gap between what employers need and what job seekers are offering today.



of Belgian youth are unemployed.


vacancies in Belgium in 2020 due to shortfall of e-skilled workers.


of employers blame inadequate training for the shortfall of skilled workers.

A Belgian coding school, powered by a methodology with a proven track record

Intensive 6-month coding school program.
Learning web and mobile development and turn that into a profession.
Free-of-charge training, open to all, with motivation as key driver.

BeCode is proud to be powered by A methodology with solid references and excellent results.


25 schools

In France, Romania and South-Africa.

537 on-site students

Along with 2.500 online students and 12.300 children sensitized to technology.

78% positive outcome

Within 3 months, 78% of students have found a job, have created their own startup or started an advanced training.


BeCode is a not-for-profit association, created by Rodolphe Verhaegen, Laurent Hublet, Karen Boers, Sarah Unger and Dirk Peusens.

Karen is leading the management team with Cedric Swaelens (head of faculty / BeCode Brussels).

BeCode can count on the support of these fantastic partners:

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